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Muscle Biopsy

Dubowitz Victor, A Sewry Caroline

Saunders Elsevier 2007

611 pagg.

ISBN 9781416025931


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Saunders Elsevier 2007

In this book, Professor Victor Dubowitz manages to bridge the gap between clinical syndromes/disorders and their underlying pathologies. An internationally renowned figure in the field of muscle disease, Professor Dubowitz skillfully guides you through the complexities of pathologic diagnoses and their implications for clinical treatment. This reference describes the techniques of obtaining a muscle biopsy and examines the histochemical, histological, electron microscopical and molecular appearance of normal muscle and the pathology of individual muscle disease.

  • Covers the entire range of diagnostic/investigative techniques, providing you with all of the necessary tools to formulate an accurate diagnosis. 
  • Offers a combination of clinical and pathological experience for a unique perspective on a complex and difficult area of diagnosis. 
  • Addresses the "knowledge explosion" over the last 10 years in the fields of molecular genetics and immunocytochemistry, including all of the latest clinically relevant investigative techniques. 
  • Focuses on diagnostic techniques and on the diagnostic interpretation of results, giving you a portable reference book and a bench book in a single volume.
  • Presents all the latest techniques in molecular diagnosis and immunocytochemistry as they apply to individual disorders. 
  • Includes high-quality, full-color illustrations throughout the book. 
  • Incorporates tables, summary charts, and boxes to provide a user-friendly, accessible format.

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