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News in Angiology

Allegra C., Antignani P.L., Kalodiki E.

Minerva Medica 2014

Pagg. 220

Isbn: 9788877118103

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Minerva Medica 2014

Angiology belongs to those branches of medicine where new knowledge is developing very quickly. Looking back and comparing the past with the current situation, a significant progress in ethiology, diagnostics, prevention and therapeutic methods of vascular diseases is evident. It is also clear that most of the advances were not achieved suddenly by a breakthrough discovery. On the contrary, our increasing knowledge depends on the activity of many known and also unknown physicians from all over the world who are bringing together small contributions. In this natural process, a future comprehensive view and solution of a problem is usually obtained.This book represents an interesting project and a good result of scientific cooperation. It contains many contributions altogether creating a textbook of the second generation. It may be helpful in finding a way through the sources of information in vascular diseases and in assessing their validity.Therefore, this is an indispensable reference book useful to fellows and specialists in angiology, phlebology, vascular and general surgery, cardiology, aesthetics and plastic surgery.


  • Anno 2014
  • Autore Allegra C., Antignani P.L., Kalodiki E.
  • codice isbn 9788877118103
  • Nota Copertina flessibile
  • Pagine 220

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