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Management of cardiac arrhythmias

Bongiorni Maria G. - Di Cori Andrea

2018 Minerva Medica

112 pagine

ISBN  9788877119261

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Minerva Medica 2018

Few areas of medicine are evolving as rap¬idly as cardiac electrophysiology. What were earlier considered to be lethal rhythm disturbances can now be treated with con¬fidence in a wide range of patients. Quality and quantity of life can be considerably af¬fected by cardiac arrhythmias. Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed impressive ad-vances in the knowledge of the mechanisms behind arrhythmias, and new technologies have been introduced, which improve their early detection and treatment. The book devotes specific chapters to de¬scribe new diagnostic tool in arrhythmias detection, new implantable devices to pre¬vent sudden death, and innovative ablation mapping technique, with their clinical im¬plications. Presenting complex information in a clearly structured and efficient format, the authors hope it will be an opportunity to update cardiologists and other physicians and health care professionals involved in the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias.


Clinical implications of long-term ECG monitoring: from loop recorder to devices remote control

A. Di Cori, R. De Lucia

Benefits of electroanatomic ablation of conventional cardiac arrhytmias: from fluoroscopy to zero X-ray mapping

M. Casella, V. Ribatti, V. Catto, G. Vettor, G. Fassini, V. Biagioli, A. Dello Russo, C. Tondo

Targeting ablation strategies and electro-anatomical systems for different atrial fibrillation patterns

F. Santoro, C.H. Heeger, A. Metzner, N.D. Brunetti, M. Di Biase, K.H. Kuck, F. Ouyang

Frontiers in non-invasive cardiac mapping: future implications for arrhythmia treatment

A. Frontera, G. Cheniti, C.A. Martin, M. Takigawa, J. Duchateau, S. Puyo, R. Martin, N. Thompson, T. Kitamura, K. Vlachos, M. Wolf, N. Al-Jefairi, G. Massoullié, T. Pambrun, A. Denis, F. Sacher, N. Derval, R. Dubois, P. Jaïs, M. Hocini, M. Haïssaguerre

Prevention of sudden cardiac death: from wearable to subcutaneous cardioverter defibrillator

S. Viani, E. Soldati, A. Di Cori, L. Segreti, L. Paperini, R. De Lucia, G. Zucchelli, M.G. Bongiorni

Cardiac lead management: the future of transvenous lead extraction approaches and technologies

L. Segreti, J.C. Deharo

Leadless technology: a new paradigm for cardiac pacing?

G. Zucchelli, V. Barletta, M.G. Bongiorni

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