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Innovative grafts for the aortic arch replacement

Esposito Giampiero

2016 Minerva Medica 

Volume di 160 pagine con 73 figure in nero e a colori e 15 tabelle

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ISBN 9788877118677

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Minerva Medica 2016

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Aortic arch repair is still considered a formidable challenge for cardiovascular surgeons as well as for interventional cardiologists and radiologists, because its anatomy and pathology pose the risk of critical branch vessel perfusion, regardless of the technique used. The development of hybrid strategies, along with the recent introduction of new grafts and novel perfusion techniques, now offers tailored repair options for patients with complex aortic arch disease. Focusing on the “innovative” management of this pathology, this book provides reliable guidance on both standard and new, alternative approaches with the contribution of nationally and internationally recognized experts in this field. The Editor hopes that the book will be a valuable resource for cardiovascular surgeons and anesthesiologists, interventional cardiologists, perfusionists and other healthcare professionals who are specialized in the treatment of patients with thoracic aorta disease.
Current management of aortic arch lesions with hybrid procedures: a tailored approach to a progressive disease 
Open aortic arch surgery in Osaka and Tokyo in 2015
Frozen Elephant Trunk (FET) in aortic arch disease: the Essen Experience 
The Bologna Experience with Frozen Elephant Trunk hybrid grafts 
Aortic arch aneurysm: Fresh, Frozen or Fixed Elephant Trunk? 
Aortic arch surgery: Udine Experience 
Type B aortic dissection with arch extension: surgical, endovascular or hybrid approach? 
FET in aortic arch disease: San Raffaele Experience 
Hybrid approach in acute aortic dissection 
Aortic arch disease: total endovascular treatment 
Whole body perfusion in patients undergoing Frozen Elephant Trunk 
Hybrid approach to thoracic and thoracoabdominal aorta: the Lupiae Technique 
The Hannover Experience with the Vascutek Thoraflex Hybrid graft in aortic arch surgery 
Hybrid aortic arch repair: reinforcement of the aorta for a safe landing zone 
Cannulation and perfusion strategy in aortic arch surgery: an update

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