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Perinatal Pharmacology: individualized neonatal therapy

Aranda J. V., Fanos V., van den Anker J.N.

Hygeia Press 2012

pagg. 352

isbn: 9788890651434



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Hygeia Press 2012

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The origin of this book lies on the awareness that we have to do more for identifying unmet needs and improving a tailor-made treatment for eachnewborn.

After a large introduction on developmental pharmacology, this book analyses in detail new advances on antibiotics (aminoglycosides),antifungalsantivirals (CMV, RSV, HIV), analgosedativessteroidscaffeine, and cardiovascular drugs. An updated pharmacologic treatment ofrespiratory diseases (respiratory distress syndrome, meconium aspiration syndrome, chronic lung disease, persistent pulmonary hypertension) is presented, as well as for persistent patent ductus arteriosus and retinopathy of prematurity. Finally, neuroprotection is considered, with special emphasis on antioxidants and melatonin.

A special part is devoted to drug-induced renal toxicity and liver toxicity and completes the volume, also quoting the so-called ‘-omics sciencessuch as genomics and metabolomics.

The topics are covered by international experts in the field and the subtle red line that links all the chapters together is the perspective ofindividualized treatments to reach our ultimate goal: the right therapy for each newborn without any side effects.

  • Anno 2012
  • Autore Aranda J.V., Fanos V., van den Anker J.N.
  • codice isbn 9788890651434
  • Edizione 1st
  • Nota hardcover
  • Pagine 352

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