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Clinical Philosophy of Neurosurgery

Likhterman L


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ISBN: 9788899968076

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athena 2018

A concept of “philosophy of neurosurgery” includes genesis, meaning and purpose of neurosurgery as a clinical discipline and an integral part of neuroscience, its basic principles, trends of and patterns of research and treatment of CNS pathology. It also covers interdisciplinary links and understanding the role and methods of emergence of scientific, clinical, technological and humanitarian knowledge related to neurosurgery, as well as neurosurgeons’ worldview.The book shows philosophy of the founders of neurosurgery. Philosophy of neurosurgery is realized in clinical practice through clinical judgement and conceptual approaches to interventions on brain and spinal cord.The discipline-making factors, methodology of diagnosis in neurosurgery, a concept of stages of clinical course of head injury (phasnost’), multi-dimensional classification of head injury, and doctrine of its sequelae are presented.A particularly stress is made upon problems of ethics and humanism in neurosurgery. Ethical dilemmas in neurosurgery are revealed and options for conflict resolution are analyzed. The importance of philosophical approach for development of preventive neurosurgery and resisting a syndrome of doctor-patient disconnection is established. It is claimed that a philosophy of neurosurgery helps to view it as one specialty despite of its technologization and differentiation. It also fosters systemic approach to a patient.The book is illustrated; each of 10 chapters has bibliography.It is a joint work of authors from Russia and USA. The book is aimed at neurosurgeons, neurologists, traumatologists, intensive care specialists, radiologists and all those who are interested in a history and philosophy of medicine.

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