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Paediatric Regional Anaesthesia. A practical approach

Ivani Giorgio 

See-Firenze 2002

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See-Firenze 2002

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of regional anaesthetic techniques for treatment of pain in children. The last decade has witnessed many advances in the understanding and treatment of pain. The previously held misconception that neonates, infants and children do not feel or react to pain in the same way as adults has been removed. Actually, management of pain in children needs to be handled more actively than adults.Greater effort should be made to anticipate pain as children cannot be relied upon to ask for analgesia as might an adult. Regional anaesthetic techniques are excellent tools in providing both intra and postoperative pain control. However these procedures can themselves be painful. The performance of regional blockades may be carried out without discomfort and / or risk whilst the patient is anaesthetised. The techniques in doing blocks in anaesthetised children must be precise and accurate, local anaesthetic drugs and their dosages appropriately selected.Prof. Giorgio Ivani has responded to this need by collecting and arranging contributors by the leading authorities on various aspect and diverse techniques of regional anaesthesia in children. The book presents the different peripheral and central neurassial blocks in a concise, efficacious and extremely clear way. The result is a superb tool, a qualified manual which will turn to be important in a paediatric anaesthetist daily practice.


  • Anno 2002
  • Autore Ivani Giorgio
  • Edizione In lingua INGLESE.
  • Nota Copertina rigida
  • Pagine 135

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