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Textbook of Psychiatry

Puri, Treasaden,

Elsevier 2011,

464 pag  

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Elsevier 2011

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A logical writing style gives ready access to key information Contains practical examples throughout to demonstrate the importance of psychiatry to all areas of medicine Includes self-assessment material to ensure thorough exam preparation and the new layout aids accessibility and ‘ease of learning’ Enhanced discussion of the use of psychotherapy in line with current practice


This is a new edition of a successful introductory textbook on the subject of psychiatry. Clearly written and rich in pedagogic features “ such as summary boxes, clinical cases and other aid memoirs “ this book is tailored to the learning needs of those entering the discipline for the first time. Particularly suitable for medical students, this book will also act as a 'primer' for post-graduates first entering the speciality with a view to a long-term career in the discipline.


This new edition: 


  • Contains self-assessment material to ensure thorough exam preparation
  • New layout aids accessibility and 'ease of learning'
  • New chapter on mental health legislation
  • Covers recent changes in neuropsychopharmacology 
  • Use of colour illustrations 
  • Contains practical advice on patient management - commencing drug therapy and managing self-harm, for example
  • Enhanced sections on autism and other pervasive developmental disorders
  • Explores capacity and risk assessment
  • Enhanced discussion of the use of psychotherapy in line with current practice





    1. Introduction

    2. The life net

    3. Classification, aetiology, management and prognostic factors.

    4. The doctor-patient communication.

    5. History taking and clinical examination

    6. Organic psychiatry.

    7. Psychoactive substance use disorders

    8. Schizophrenia and delusional (paranoid disorders)

    9. Mood disorders, suicide and parasuicide.

    10. Neurotic and other stress-related anxiety disorders

    11. The dissociative (conversion) and somatoform disorders

    12. Psychiatry of menstruation and pregnancy

    13. Psychiatry of sexuality

    14. Sleep disorders

    15. Personality disorders

    16. Child and adolescent psychiatry

    17. Psychiatry of disability

    18. Eating disorders

    19. Transcultural psychiatry

    20. Psychiatry of the elderly

    21. Forensic psychiatry

    22. Appendices

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